Starve the Beast!

“The need for a constantly expanding market for its products chases the bourgeoisie over the whole surface of the globe, paving the way for more extensive and exhaustive crises.” – Karl Heinrich Marx

I agree with WSWS’ conditional analysis (of capitalism) but not with its prescription to defeat it.  I suggest that Marxists are wrong in assuming that real change, or even resistance, must necessarily be confrontational.  Furthermore, one might argue that Marx foresaw and described the capitalist crisis far more accurately and definitively than its subsequent evolution -- to societies eschewing private property,  self interest, war and collapse in favor of shared values and sustainability.

As in Obama’s sudden health care dilemma, pragmatic Marxists and post-consumerists will never succeed with a head-on assault of globalized capitalism.  To try is merely to sacrifice for its own sake, not for progress, economic  sustainability or even resilience.

Instead we must starve the world hierarchy of exploitation through democratic choice.  We must strive to outlive and undermine capitalism demographically rather than some foolish, fascist attempt to force it at gunpoint into an oven.  In this way, capitalism’s dissenters get to stay alive, out of jail and free from terrorist labels – as wave after wave of crises – for which capitalism has no answers (Peak Everything) ensues, rendering the desire for real change universal for the youngest citizens of this world.

At any rate, I suppose my own musings and solidarity with post-collapse, out-of-the-closet socialism/anarchism explains how it is I came to be a childless miser (a capitalist driven insane, in Marx’ words), living in Montana, striving for a transition-town, off-grid, but grid-tied, way of life.

After all, money ought to be good for something – even if it’s only to survive and to witness (“I told you so!” syndrome) the inevitable collapse of capitalism that Marx so presciently and brilliantly predicted sixteen decades ago.