A rebuttal to “Late Capitalism” by Douglass Haddow, Adbusters #87


“Was the true focal point of our existence ever the love, heroism, drama or adventure we find in film and TV?  Or is the truth much more banal, like the lives of the Zombieland characters…”

Uh… YES, Mr. Haddow!  For me “the love, heroism, drama…” and immutable truth in the best films and TV is the whole point!  And I am at a loss to imagine Kurosawa’s Rashomon, Fellini’s La Strada, de Sica’s Umberto D. or Bergman’s Seventh Seal ever possibly conveying one iota of “consum-o-tainment.”

As corporatism replaces our democracy and economics supplants our culture, our best truth is discarded, replaced by a confused and utterly selfish (make the best of it) reality – and this planet is far less human and far more doomed for every single, numbing minute of it.