Constitution FUBAR. Game Over!

Why is America so FUBAR?  One big reason (read Howard Zinn) is because the U.S. Bill of Rights is arguably the most successful "PR" campaign of all time.  The BoR was created by a wealthy, land baron aristocracy that refused to pay (King George) taxes. The BoR was created to assuage (and confuse) citizens with glorious words (akin to the gospels/Bible) in the face of a very real travesty of political "economy" -- The U.S. Constitution.

How many more headlines will it take to inform us that America is by no means an egalitarian democracy?  That instead, America is a monied aristocracy controlled by three indefensibly elite bodies, mostly comprised of wealthy elites: 1.) Congress ("legislative"),  2.) Supreme Court ("judicial") and  3.) President ("executive").

Then you throw in unrestricted financial/corporate “person-hood" (unlimited corporate "speech" recently strengthened by John Roberts' Supreme Court) and it's – GAME OVER -- for the American people!

Finally I see now that it has always been this way and probably always will be…

I mean, so, big deal!?  Sixty years ago, this country won a World War (industrial/technological capacity funded through debt and the deep, blood sacrifice of 600K Americans).

But, in its aftermath, what did the survivors get?  A fifty year (on the "credit card"; mostly fake we now know) consumption orgy (er… I mean “baby boom").   The same rich families got richer (minus a few new converts here and there) and the same poor got poorer.  In the end, even as the rhythm seemingly changes, the song remains the same.

But the show's over folks!  And in my view (like any reasonably successful – not by choice mind you, capitalist) it’s time to figure out how to move on – e.g. emigrate to a country with a parliamentary system where compromise and community (not greed, selfishness, showmanship and ultimately abject failure) are core, protected, well-funded values in the larger society.  Taxes, it seems clear now, are not always bad!

I would prefer to remain English speaking if possible (e.g. New Zealand, Australia, maybe Canada).

The other alternative is of course the EU (e.g. Finland, Netherlands, Sweden, France).

But no doubt the closer one gets to the "Chinese Miracle" (probably a bubble too) arguably so much the better.  Thus, again, New Zealand and Australia vault to top of the list.

Now (emigration) THAT is my idea of a bailout!