My Case for Expatriation

There is estimated 8.5 Trillion invest-able held by private U.S. citizens.  That alone could essentially finance the presently accumulated U.S. national debt – i.e. the $12 Trillion accumulated national debt can be largely financed internally -- by U.S. citizens only.

Eliminating the cap on social security taxes would essentially render SSA solvent indefinitely – without benefit cuts.  Possibly retirement age might also have to rise for those presently 40 - 50 and under.  If all else fails, SSA could be “means tested” (whereby those with incomes exceeding $250K receive less/none SSA; for “the rich” SSA simply becomes additional taxation that should have been paid all along post-Reagan).

Thus, the very idea (Fox News) that 35% of the U.S. economy (businesses/assets) owned by the top 10% is not substantial enough to finance the “welfare state” – so desperately needed to retain political, financial and economic stability in the U.S. – the very idea that this wealth is “off limits” to the vast majority of hard working Americans that built these empires for the moneyed aristocracy -- is absurd – and not only absurd but increasingly dangerous and destabilizing (for us, for average working Americans).

In short, the “slow motion coups” (dramatically increased wealth transfer to top 2-5%) against working people in America, post-Reagan, has undermined whatever social and economic fabric held the U.S. together for 200 years.  And unless the welfare state is expanded and better funded AND/OR wages rise substantially at all levels but the uppermost quintile of the U.S. population, then violence and possibly civil war are inevitable in the U.S. in the long run.

Already (in wake of Obama’s health care reform bill) threats of violence and real violence (e.g. Tea Party, egged-on by Fox News in the form of Glenn Beck et al) have begun.  It seems obvious to me, at this pace, that America will one day (I cannot however say/know when) collapse and/or descend to an imbecilic theocracy (as it in many ways already has) – e.g. like Iran/Afghanistan (but through some form of sick perturbation of the Gospels of Jesus Christ instead of the Koran as occurred in Muslim/Middle Eastern countries).

This is why I am trying to figure out a way to emigrate from the U.S.-- to New Zealand or perhaps Canada/Australia/Europe?  Because I have emotionally and intellectually abandoned hope and optimism here and for the United States of America.  I realize now I have never truly “believed” in what has happened here (though I have at various times in my life been confused, desperate or unhappy enough to engage in various forms of USA beliefs/delusions).  But mostly I have always implicitly/explicitly questioned the validity of my country’s systems of intellectual and social conformity and economic mass exploitation.

I realize now that, like a congenital birth defect, it was my misfortune to be born here rather than a moderate, stable, fair and peace-loving country.  But my birth accident does not have to be my death sentence.  There is no law or rule that says I must die here under an increasingly uneducated feudalistic theocracy that crushes the soul and steals human potential from the majority of its citizens for the exclusive and excessive financial and political gain of a tiny (percentage) moneyed aristocracy that is unwilling or incapable of bestowing truth, kindness, fairness or justice to the hard working citizen majority.