Big Toxic Stupid

I’m not voting for bigger banks, bigger insurance companies, bigger mergers, bigger debts, bigger tax cuts, bigger numbers, bigger capitalism, big, big, big, big, big... ever, ever ever again!

I’m voting for community and for sustainability.   I'm voting for "provincial" values.  I'm voting for the 1800s, with broadband.  My new catch-phrase is “buy local.”

Because the way America lives today is fundamentally and demonstrably wrong - it's environmentally, socially, economically and utterly discredited.

And exporting America's big, toxic and stupid model, at gunpoint or debt-point, to the rest of the world is a recipe for the very same disaster and collapse we see today.  And I no longer wish to vote for this - for any of it!

I want to change my way of life: smaller; better; sustainable.

I don’t fear China. I don’t fear Iran. I don’t fear anyone “coming after me” when my country already has enough weapons to blow up the planet ten times over. 

I fear only big, toxic and stupid.  I fear they have won!  I fear this insanity only stops at Armageddon.

I see now that Ronald Reagan was a dimwit.  I see now that America (and the world) would arguably be better off today if we'd listened to what Jimmy Carter said in his so-called “malaise” speech in 1979.

Corruption, inefficiency, arrogance, stupidity and a fake "empire" too much supported by consumption and debt was our problem then.  But instead of fixing it, since Reagan, we watched it metastasize like a cancer.

Now the only option is big surgery, big change and a smaller, sustainable way of life.