McCain generation, you've had your chance -- Now, please, Get Out of Our Way!

Here is my question for Tuesday's Town Hall Presidential debate...

Senator McCain, given that for decades, the American Left has sternly criticized and forewarned of the dangers inherent in the economically profligate, politically divisive, racist, morally selfish, socially intolerant, environmentally unsound  and religiously superstitious politics practiced by post World War II and Baby Boom cohorts of the U.S. voting population, and given that, today, these chickens have come home to roost:  Don't you think it's time, Senator, to accept and acknowledge that older, failed, but politically numerous segments of the U.S. voting population must now step aside, to allow for younger, more vital and future-oriented Americans to lead this Nation forward, out of its present abyss?

And by this, Senator McCain, I do not mean practicing politically cynical ploys, like the selection of an obviously incurious, unqualified runner up in the Miss Alaska beauty pageant as your Vice Presidential running mate. 

For you sir are at the top of your ticket.  And in the minds of millions of younger Americans you are simply too old and unrealistic to lead America to any kind of sustainable future.  On the contrary, from a younger person's vantage, your generation seems intent on sustaining America's current selfish and dissipative decline -- characterized by bumper stickers on 3 MPG recreational vehicles driven by American retirees reading: Spending My Children's Inheritance!

Thus, don't you think it's time, McCain generation, to reject your sick and unprecedented philosophy of I've Got Mine dissipation and decline, before it's simply too late to turn back from this obvious self-destructive course?

In light of your candidacy, I assume, Mr. McCain, that your answer would be NO

But in that light, and with all due respect sir, I am compelled to forewarn -- that in coming years your generation will be incapable of defending itself from the very same lousy and ruinous future you have voted time and again to thrust upon this Nation. 

And unfortunately, since you seem irrationally unwilling to abandon a pre-1973 false vision of American superiority, it is conceivable that younger Americans will in future be forced to undertake morally painful and economically draconian measures, including default (on your debts) and conceivably, unfortunately perhaps even euthanasia.

Thus, I am advising your generation to please lead, follow or get out of the way of a sustainable American future, in light of a potential future elder-holocaust your present course of action might one day force upon America's children and grandchildren! 

The longer you put off real change by twiddling the knobs of your generation's selfish, unyielding capitalism, the more likely its destructiveness becomes your own destiny.

Thank you.


Todd Ryder