STOP blaming Trump!

Let's face it. Clinton and Obama live by some strange/voodoo mix of trailer park idealism and I've-got-mine-fuck-you elitism. And, I'm terribly sorry, but you can't run an economy (create individual economic opportunity) on ever-bigger-government/trade deficit, trailer park (as if low Walmart prices = prosperity) idealism.

Donald Trump doesn't give one flying fuck about international, Harvard trained economists. They'll be just fine. He cares about the American working class and opportunity - for them - not the (talking your book) stock portfolios of Harvard trained economists and their DC lackeys.

I mean, how do people think we got into this (income inequality) mess?

[You should NOT treat women (or constituents), especially younger, idealistic women/constituents, as ho's. And if you do, at least have the common decency to compensate them commensurately to your own station in life. And you should NOT be married when you do it - this is where I too part terms with the Art of the Deal and Mr. Trump.]