Revolution 9


There is a queen
Of sixes, sevens and nines
Dust in your garden
Poison in your mind
There is a king
That will steal your soul
Din't let him catch you,
Don't let him get control.
Rompiendo la monotonia del tiempo
Rompiendo la monotonia del tiempo
Laurel is 6 letters. 6, like Laurel
1116 = 9
111 = 7 in binary
62 = 8
1962 = 9
2/18/62 = 1
4/8/24 = 9
63 = 9
3,6,9 the golden ratio
There is a queen
Of Sixes, Sevens and Nines...
Kavod in Hebrew Gematria equals 765 = 18 = 9
Kavod in English Gematria equals 318 = 3
Kavod in Simple Gematria equals 53 = 8
666 Revolution 9 plan: The Truth. The Life (viseon) and the light (photon)
1116 AD
"Let me on there, man..."

Adult life is a series of opposing Triangle Ships

Relax, you will always be the most horrible thing that ever happened to me...
The Naked Savage
And yes, she's a [dragon] system and the plan, so devising...
(God help you when you finally see through it.)
4 letter word for deception:
What is RUSE ?
No one hides in plain sight without cops.
Now, as for a police man...
Puke-green uniform on my back
I had to set it on fire in a vat of chicken fat

25 or 6 24

25-6 = 1924
04/08/2024 (?)
25+6 = 3124
Adonai, Jehova, please don't make me live in satan's bag of manure anymore.
In Jesus Name,
Amen and Amen

If your bird goes right you're rite.
I bring her straight down, from hovering...
She responds to flattery.

You seen it?
And you ain't dead?
They think the third try might be a level up...

They work but it's not stock.
Four weeks; back and forth to Billings
No Charge

You know I can't marry you... You're So Young.

Counting all the numbers... down to the waterline.
Can you take me back, where I come from? Honey, can you take me back?
This is not my Israel! -thus saith The Lord

Him: No. I said my Hot Apple Pie must be heated to exactly 115 degrees, at the heart of it, There's something I need to extract!

Water of Love...

Dr. Ben Carson
I said 115 degrees please...

You are the salt of the earth...
But, you're unbelieveable
I get it, you're a demon, now...