Wave, Life of a Squirrel

My guess is it looks ridiculous like this
To make me look ridiculous, like this...
My gf's in all the big school plays, but what I don't get is Why's she hanging out with me? -SNL
Oops! Now I'll probably never see side boob again!

Thing I hate most about TCM is when the lovely woman introduces this film and you can tell she's sad because she wants every one of these men straight up her pussy.

Tinfoil hat world for me, now...
Cigarettes and alcohol.

This describes/predicts/explains the Dragon RF system and the evil behind it...

Dragons, the policeman knew,
Were supposed to breathe, to breathe fire, fire, to breathe fire.
And occasionally get themseleves, get themseleves
Slaughtered, slaughtered, slaughtered.
-Yaz, i before e, except after c

And everyone of you will never try and lend a hand,
When the policeman don't understand.
-Portugal The Man, So American

Murder is crime!
Unless you are a policeman...
-Clash, Know Your Rights

Somehow, I believe a theme has emerged in my literature...
I'm afraid I'm one of the few true blue policemen you have left.

This is independent of TV Eye which I think is Project Looking Glass. I can see from the tv people response at least some, e.g. Adam Schiff on Face The Nation, can still see me when I'm in front of the tv...

Hi Adam, let's see if I can stay alive to see what happens to you and your kind...

I don't think you can make my life any worse, since Face The Nation started in Surprise Surprise Surprise 1966, but I think your life is about to realy, really, really change now, Adam Schiff.

Good luck there, nigger bones on tv. Those words don't seem to work anymore...
I tell you this, these women like Truthers. OMG they like Truthers!

30 something mamas always benefit from cervical massage

Meanwhile, anything that tells The Truth will be blocked...

You have forced me to confront a reality with you that lifts us both off our clam shell.
The difference between fantasy and desire is one can be effectuated.
It's time to put something into the world they can't make fun of.
In Jesus Name, Amen

Wanna watch me come, TV Eye? I'm talking to you, Jen Psaki, Obamanite extraordinaire... But then I asked her if she wants out too. She nodded. Three times, just to confirm.

No more cutting ! 
No more raping !
No more pain !
This is our politics now !

Happy #Oscars, Satan!

Miles City, Montana, Chamber of Commerce (shown below)
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My guess is they break at least some of the girls and women at Pine Hills Male Youth Correctional Facility
Meta Threads gave me WIZARD level on that guess!
Then my neighbor came out and sat quietly in the back yard, because I think it happened to her, maybe there... I like that neighbor too!

Quite a town you got here, Miles City, Montana. Fuck In A

Good Times
Bad Times
You know I've had my share
But when my woman left home with a brown eyed man
Well, I still don't seem to care...

Help me, Jesus! They only want me to be a fairy in the woods their little girls can safely train on...
Amen and Amen
I'm your reject cast-off Ken with a big soft candy cane banana awaiting stimulation. I know you don't know it, but your movie was really about first born unicorns...

The capricious gift of the truth!
People are enigmatic; truth is capricious

If my gf's in all the big school plays, why she wanna sleep here every Saturday night?
You Saturday night women now you just ape and clown
You don't do nothing but tear my reputation down
Stop breaking down
Mama please stop breaking down
You know they gonna bust you brains out dear
Yeah it's gonna make you lose your mind
I love my baby ninety nine degrees
But that mama got a pistol and laid it down on me
Stop breaking down
Baby please stop breaking down
Still I'm gonna bust you brains out baby
Yeah I'm gonna make you lose your mind