She's All Tatted Up. Are you? What does that say about her and you?


Hate me forever.
I will always love you.
In Jesus name, Amen

Love machines on sympathy crutches. -only Beck could prophesize the hole in my spine

But, please, please, please, do not mark yourself with tattoos and piercings so Satan's minions can spot you easily in a crowd.


Never forget: He's Coming Back!
Everyone Can See It Now!
This is the panic.

America does not need more whores!
They don't always show their markings though...
(Believe Me They Are There!)

Yes! They flush, kill or level you up even harder when you fail them...

I kiss lepers!
And I just loved one for 4 years, because that's what I do with women. I don't care what they look like. I care what they are, to me.
But we were struggling about her way of living and she said to me: You know, if I lose weight, then I'm going to have more options here!
So I left her.
And I fear she's doomed, now...
Please cover her in your protection, My Sweet Lord.
Please destroy this evil, once and for all, in my country and under your Firmament.
In Jesus name, Amen.

Guy on twitter who posted tweets of her as Boo Boo, sitting on a picnic table, bottle of vodka behind her, black pimp whispering in her ear... That from London tweet was laughed at by the desk on NewsNation when I stumbled on it standing right here in front of my laptop.

How you like them apples?

Also, another tweet, same assholes, said she got two dicks in the pussy and one in the ass for failing again. The first time she told me it was dick in pussy, dick in ass, dick in mouth and the HUGE dude in her pussy was none too friendly.

First time you hear a story like that, you're like: Why these bitches do this? Eventually, as now, you realize their world gives them no choice.

Please, Dear Lord, Don't let their world become mine, become ours, become all there is. In Jesus blessed name. In the power and salvation of The Christ. In the Knowledge of The Logos. Amen and Amen

Squirrel means you're one they can't get...
As in: You can watch squirrels fuck for bacon bits. -Caroline Wallace, Helena, MT, 2011
That's what they think of me, a living human being.
People who work for pussy and money don't have a color,
just a deep deep deep moral and human void.

Minimally, these are the Federal Employees You MUST Worry About:

Any industry that touches satellites, towers, internet, windmills, solar panels, chips (anything govt subsidized really) is automatically suspect and must be uncovered and investigated imo...

Finally, thanks Steve, for hearting me (quixotically) all those years ago (when you worked for them) and I said (2007-9) The Sky Is On Fire!

In case you didn't know, by now, PUNKS were the good ones!

I hate to tell you this, but the Irish invented mansplaining...
Well, how much was it Noel?
Idk... maybe $200M maybe more...

I get it. Your dad sold you to the CIA... He was that kind of man. This is cattle country.

It doesn't bother me that Miles City, Montana is a self righteous freemason Jew Dragon fuck pig fuck hole.
It matters what you did to my friends.
It matters to Him what you did to my friends...
He's the one you're going to answer to.