Breaking the Law

It doesn't matter what
It only matters versus
Some of us remember stories of literal resets, years old...
Let's face it. If it's not alive, you can't trust it.
If they cut off its ears and chop off its head -- lizard demon (make the lodges Jimmy Jazz again?)

Sky is not heaven. It's a projection.
We live at the edge of Heaven, via Water
They (The Serpent and his minions) are Earth (below)

That which is above is like that which is below, and that which is below is like that which is above, to accomplish the miracle of the one [human ascension through agape love] thing.

Not thesis, antithesis, synthesis...
Creation; Divination; Codification

Pride cometh before the fall
Amor Fati
Like birth water in a squirt pistol, you can't play beer pong with fate...

Ladies and gentleman, this is a past decoding, not a future/present prediction.
How else could one be born into something as twisted and perverted as to create investment paper on your future obligations before you've drawn your first breath?
13 blood lines
13 Colonies
13 Red stripes
One is now Jesus line through The Christ

My inner voice says the correct pronunciation sounds more like: ne-phelee-mah

All of us are singing to the same original Wrapper...

He cometh unto me...
They cast their pearls before the swine
Made the monkey blind

Cover me through the fire ...
It was small and translucent and the Monster logo glowed through it.
He told me the Bible lied or has been misinterpreted and 666 is The Christ.
He told me the connection between us and the grave is broken and we can live to see The Kingdom.
He told me those not in the book of life die screaming but everyone learns the truth of God's mercy.
He told me demonstration to God is all the God there is here, at present.
Then I turned on the news and there was this story...
I had been asking Him to show more of his works since the time of rage and my burning hand and my mother, back when Lahaina burned. Specifically for Uriel, my favorite angel, to rail me with his power again.
The Good News is God is a drug. The bad news is there's only one. Eternal agape love.

Still telling me, in one way or another, that this is the great snow globe in the sky, has been since at least ancient Egypt, etc. etc. etc. One can't begin to piece it together without revelation or insanity. Choose wisely... E.g. I've never had a single revelation that said America needs a flat tax. When church lady's Horus eye glitches it's time for a (personal/global) reset or a break on through.

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