JayDreamerZ and his Plasma Fire Dream


Black hole sun
Black hole sin
Burning from
The outside in

Congratulations! Your world is a CIA MK Ultra dumb bitch mind fuck!

It would seem the snow globe Christ has been telling me about is the earth's magnetic/atmospheric protection bubble your insane satanic/saturnist government seems to be trying to destroy.

Idk, maybe it's a good thing... given your children worship blood rituals and death cults.

Drone. Cloaking. DEW.
You dead, dumb bitch!

My theory is the plasma apocalypse has happened (The Fall, see Enoch, Noah, etc.) at least once but why does all this matter, Jesus Christ saved humanity and The Evil One has been trying to end us all with cheesy saturn cults ever since.

I think their plan now is go underground (D.U.M.B., antarctica) create some kind of temporary collapse of the ionosphere with DEW/HAARP/nuclear then while white hole aurora borealis plasma radiates us to death wait to reemerge in future?

Meanwhile, to live forever, blood ritual cults like Synagogue of Satan Luciferian Jews need a series of clone bodies or live bodies with heads removed. I don't make their rules, satan does. Natural/Universal Law does. Solomon's dark Khazarian Jew magic that contends Jesus fathered children with Mary Magdalene does...

Remember, since satan and his angels fell and death became life, except for you, everything you see, everything you touch, everything they put in front of you is designed to pervert you, degrade you, take you away from God, then kill you so you can never see the Kingdom, which obviously is not here.
Food, mana is a test of life if your body can't process it.
Word is a test of truth when you have not the eyes to see it.

Why waste time just altering the hemline?

Yeah, so 666 is a real mess and tremendously misunderstood imo but I say it's The Christ and there's a rude awakening still ahead for this sick world.

The new age movement has apparently convinced itself ascenscion is possible without an intercessor Messiah as prophesized by Kabbalah and The Bible. Christians know their intercessor, through Jesus of Nazareth, as The Christ, which the world rejected. There is no path to high heaven without intercession from God.

Paganism and freemasonry are thousands of years old, with unaltered history and cosmology. So they explain the world's structure and physical reality correctly which NASA and the academy clearly do not nor were they ever created or intended for that purpose or any purpose except laundering trillions of dollars and preying on the kindness of strangers.

This is the red/blue pill, black/white tile, two tail (clitoris and penis) sea/serpent matrix closed cosmology firmament world explained (best played .5x speed or slower at the end).

The black tiles represent the collapsed, hole sun and white tiles the Aurora Borealis plasma stream at magnetic North that feeds it and projects reality. I believe it is the fire of God and when you see it, when you can feel the inverted dome of gravity it makes, then its truth takes you to the top of the mountain like The Bible.

Thus, you are inside a magnetic/atmospheric bubble on a black hole sun's flat plane accretion disk, exactly where God said you were - Firmament.

Emerging physics suggests another kind of enclosure around the bubble, a multi-dimensional tesseract 4D/8D hypercube capable of generating the torsional torroidal forces to project (emanate) flat plane reality, weather, and drag an empty, holographic solar replica of the black hole's emanations across the bubble sky, and a moon, every 24 hours, etc. etc. etc.

It's a fluid, flickering lattice of continuous folding and unfolding reality driven by the collective unconscious will of a book of life containing names for perfect immortal souls set upon the Earth by Elohim creation.

For example, it's suspected the Sphynx is 10,000 years or more old, sitting among other 5,000 year old artifacts at Giza, an antediluvian reminder of what cannibal pig Rome could not destroy and why the whore of Babylon heretic must be burned to death by history in order for history to be real again.

Creation; divination; codification
Choose wisely, because you have been skull fucked until their cum ran from the ears of your generations.

Do you ever get over her telling you she knows and she's ok with it?

People who don't understand their world is replete with lingering, living aspects of divine creation are why I have trust issues...