Dust in the Cartridge ?! Classic ! Gooneeee !

There's two eyes for every one of us. But somebody got there first and took them all...

People don't have ideas. Ideas have people....

If vein was a color to paint on you
Your heart would be the color blue
Be a cranium primera
Till your body met your head
Which were made of silver?
But you were the one they call Jesus Christ
Who didn't know the rock and roll
And there may not be a heaven
Or a place in which to send you
But you know that in the end
There's a madness in us all
So who broke the rules
Who broke the rules
But every single one of you
Will never try to lend a hand
When the police-men don't understand

No stars got nothing on me
Your sun's got nothing on me
And a world that sleeps
In its lunacy
Has got nothing on me
You know it's not because
The light here is brighter
And it's not that I'm evil
I just don't like to pretend
That I could ever be your friend

Not when you write paper on my twisted mutant friends...


You can't depend on cruelty
Crudity of thought or sound
You can't depend on the worst
Always happening

You don't need a carpet, you need corporate/government agriculture...
Adam's Rib ?! How fucking stupid do they think we are?
She was designed by lizards to make you want to die, with property.

When will people learn they don't want a perfect world. They want a fucked up twisted world that thrives on chaos, perdition and rebirth (sex magic). And I think fallen angels helped them build it... and that is the only (obvious reasons) creation story they let us keep because nothing else here could compete intellectually with buy-now-pay-later, front-loaded materialism.

Still, they could not completely bury The Christ, The Logos, The Son of Man and The Gospel of eternal escape from being born in and dying to Satan's home movies.

I hate to tell you this but His salvation (silver) is the only thing keeping flesh on your bones in this Jew snowglobe hunting ground for goi. The food kills you and the drugs finish the job.

So I don't give a fuck who they are.
I know what I am to them.
I am GoySlop and my people are the food for their eternal death, with interest, machine.
If people can't live in a world without divine justice then they need to become divine Justice.

Today the world will end
You never know we may recover

That time you spent your whole life servicing yours and their debt, keeping a roof over your head, then died, but as long as your car went faster than the guy next door and her pussy was tighter...

The global/federal citzen has failed!
Creation; divination; codification
Chaos; perdition; rebirth?
Amor Fati, Parasites!

Make the Government Lose its Job, Get Sick and Die for Once !

Now I know what they mean by disaster porn...

Adult life is learning to live in an upside down shotglass on the most beautiful infinite plate never made by hand.
Everyone has a rich dad and a poor dad but before you adjure it, you have to call it Demon.
But don't forget to grovel...

I swear that line is: Someday you'll meet a raconteur...

Rob Reiner is a pedophile
And Donnie Darko is some kind of weird documentary film...
At least for people like me.
Have a nice day!
Amen and Amen

Life's the same, we're moving in stereo
Life's the same except for my shoes
Life's the same, you're shaking like tremelo
Life's the same, it's all inside you