Time is Satan Satan is Time

Creation; divination; codification

Egypt, Sumeria, Judea...

Elohim is the plurality of creation.
Yahweh YHVH IEHOVA TETRAGRAMMATON is the right side.

Jesus Christ is the fullfillment of YHVH'
Old testament covenant with Abraham and Moses
Quantum binding force
Logos (truth) in every tikkun/gospel/creation story
Every person it touches becomes stronger inside

Blood sacrifice, slavery and usury
Were to be abolished.

4 communities in the first 400 years AD:
Antediluvians ?

Even if our war is spiritual, our gods are jealous war gods...
When we tell His story his truth becomes our power.
When we open our hearts and bodies as His Christ vessel his power becomes us.
We need to wreck your wealth to fix our money is their historic refrain, for e.g.
When will all stand before and in opposition to The Temple so its fullness can be resolved back to God in his people?
The cycle of unburying, blowing up and/or re-burying human or divine artifacts must end.

If My Sweet Lord arrived by kavod he is still my sweet lord and I will worship him and live by his covenant and pray for my sanctification to Him in peace, without subjugation, without deception, without exploitation of my human vulnerability and rights by institutions with more power than individuals, etc. etc. etc. Amen and Amen.

But baphomet, the left side
Of matrix reality existence
Under creation
And satan/lucifer his angel
Whom Moses said was human similtude
Divined time from YHVH creation
And chained our species in a mortal coil
After betting against us in The Garden.

Now we are as above so below
Mortal points
Black Hole Sun
Forward in time
Back in spirit
But both sides singing
Still to be resolved
To the Demi-Urge'
One lone perfect agape love.

I'll take yours and I'll keep my mine
Nothing sacred; nothing divine

All you touch and all you see
Is all your life will ever be

Don't look now but the Jacobite (communists) are back... (They never left.)

Satan can't create anything, including blessings for his people. -Katt Williams

What have you done today to glorify your lord? -herding cats

Don't be the Philadelphia Eagles and squeeze the same orange too long.


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