Taxman Mister Heath

Technological progress only happens when its products can in some way be used for the diminution of human liberty. -George Orwell

1962 Kennedy assassinated following Secret Societies speech 1964 Gulf of Tonkin attack precipitates war in Vietnam
1966 NASA begins proposing weather modification (chemtrails)
1967 6 Day War, Israel occupies Gaza and West Bank of Jordan
1969 First Moon landing, fullfilling a Kennedy promise
1970 Hepatitis B virion isolated
1971 Nixon suspends Bretton Woods, dollar now fiat currency
1973 Arab oil embargo, gasoline first exceeds $1/ga
1978 Hepatis B cloned
1983 HIV isolated
1986 What's The Frequency Kenneth? attack on Dan Rather
1989 Berlin Wall falls, SNL Crisis
1993 Ruby Ridge then Waco
1995 OJ not guilty, riots, genesis of Black Lives Matter
1999 Columbine shooting, fuckboi freemason macho culture drives violence in schools
2000 stocks crash
2001 911, cutters found other planes, apt phones show no planes, etc.
2003 Iraq Invasion, some say gold, some ancient graphene goo or star gates
2007 Financial Crisis QE begins, Fed's balance sheet (2024) $8.7T
2009 FBI implicated in Islamic Terror plots
2013 Sandy Hook Elementary, mass disarming promoted
2014 Putin invades Ukraine, Donbas claiming U.S. funds Nazis
2016 RF mind control complaints submitted FCC
2017 Las Vegas mass shooting kills 58, more unsuccessful gun blaming
2019 Covid, first global pandemic in 110 yrs begins
2020 George Floyd, BLM movement riots, DEI institutionalized as corporate religion
2020 59% dubious election and Jan 6 insurrection
2020 - 22 Covid pandemic lockdowns begin, national debt surpasses $30T 2022 Build Back Better legislation $2.2T
2023 Twitter Files exposes deep state and corporate collusion & political bias 2023 FEMA IPAWS National Emergency Test, ChatGPT opens generative AI to public

2024 Ukraine/Gaza/Iran/TX/Trump/?

Stanley Kubrick was not alive for the final cutting of Eyes Wide Shut...

Because there's more than a little Doomsday Machine in all of us...


And more than a little blood on everyone's hands.

Biden: History is watching...